Free shipping on USA orders Over $30

Free shipping on USA orders Over $30

Free shipping on USA orders Over $30

About us

Welcome to QSP Knife, based in the knife capital of YangJiang, Guangdong province, China. With a rich knife and cutlery manufacturing heritage, we bring over a decade of expertise in Original Equipment and Original Design Manufacturing (OEM/ODM) to the table. In 2017, we proudly launched our own brand, QSP.

QSP embodies Quality, Service, and Price, reflecting our commitment to these core values. We understand that these elements are paramount in delivering a superior product. Every knife in our collection, from our budget-friendly to Premium Series, undergoes meticulous production processes, including water jetting, vacuum heat treatment, computerized CNC machining, and CNC grinding. Each QSP knife is rigorously inspected before it reaches you, ensuring top-notch quality.

At QSP, we craft EDC knives that cater to your needs. We value your feedback and strive to incorporate it into our designs, constantly evolving to meet market demands and consumer expectations. The quality and cost-effectiveness of QSP knives are increasingly recognized worldwide, and we are proud to collaborate with premium OEM/ODM knife clients to fulfill their manufacturing requirements.

Our motto is simple: Keep moving, do better! QSP Knife is committed to offering a wide range of EDC knives of excellent quality at affordable prices. Whether you're an importer, dealer, or consumer of QSP knives, we welcome your feedback and look forward to serving you better. Join us on our journey to make every day a cut above the rest.

For importer or dealer inquiries, please email with the Subject: Importer/Dealer inquiry.

For dealer feedback, please email or your sales representative with the Subject: Dealer feedback on XXX.

If you're a consumer with feedback, reach out to us at with the Subject: Consumer feedback on XXX.

If you're a reviewer interested in our knives, email with the Subject: Review QS-X.

Thank you for your supports. Better Knife, Better Life.