Free shipping on USA orders Over $30

Free shipping on USA orders Over $30

Free shipping on USA orders Over $30



About us

QSP Knife is located in the city of YangJiang, in Guangdong province of the People's Republic of China. YangJiang is known for its knife and cutlery manufacturing industry.

The QSP team has been involved in Original Equipment and Original Design Manufacturing (OEM/ODM) of knives for more than 10 years. In 2017 created our own brand "QSP" .

QSP stands for Quality, Service, Price. The reason why we named the brand QSP is we know clearly Quality, Service, Price are the most important elements for a product. Our team is keeping these in mind all the time.

To follow the market well and meet more demands, We offer BUDGET FRIENDLY and PREMIUM SERRIES. Each knife is produced by precision working procedures, such as water jetting, vacuum heat treatment, computerised CNC machining and CNC grinding. Each QSP knife is carefully inspected before shipping.

The QSP team is committed to the design and manufacture of practical knives. We highly value comments and feedback from clients. We rely on and learn from them to better meet the market demands and consumer expectations.

The quality and cost performance of QSP knives are increasingly recognized and accepted in countries where our QSP branded knives are sold. We are also cooperating with more and more premium OEM/ODM knife clients who are able to work with our design and development team to ensure their manufacturing needs are met.

The QSP motto is Keeping moving, do better!!! QSP Knife will continue to present more and more practical knives at good quality and affordable price to the market.

If you want to be an importer or dealer of QSP knives, please feel free to email with the Subject: Importer/Dealer inquiry.

If you are already a dealer of QSP knives, we appreciate yours and your customers' feedback, so we can progress and serve you better. Please feel free to email to or the sales representative you are contacting. Subject: Dealer feedback on XXX.

If you are a consumer of QSP knife, please also feel free to email us at with the Subject: Consumer feedback on XXX.

If you are a reviewer that interested in reviewing any QSP knives, please email with the Subject: Review QS-X

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate all your supports.

Better Knife, Better Life.